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Baron, Baroness, Thegns, and Banthegns

Hail and Well Met from the Mountains of Thunder!

Several of the past Barons and Baronesses, with the new Baron and Baroness.
At Mace and Great Sword, Thegn Finnian and Banthegn Brigit passed the coronets and responsibilities to Baron Karl and Baroness Samara.

There are about 80 members in this local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), Inc., an educational organization for people with an interest in medieval history. Our meetings are held twice monthly in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and fighter practices are held weekly. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome! Please see the calendar for details on where and when we can be found.

Welcome to our website! Please look around the website and feel free to e-mail any comments or questions you may have to the Web Minister.